nonpareil   (nän-pə-'rel)
Having no equal; peerless
n.1. A person or thing that has no equal; a paragon.
2. A small, flat chocolate drop covered with white pellets of sugar.

Brook and Alexis met at a golf clinic and became fast friends, discovering that they had many things in common: both are east coast natives who had lived in Lake Tahoe (at the same time!) before calling San Francisco home, both had large blond dogs, and both had a knack for design, entertaining and all things related.

Years later, Nonpareil Event Planning & Design was conceived over a late night dinner, when the duo decided to join forces, combining their complimentary skill sets and backgrounds with their passion for creating well-executed, stylish social events from weddings to charity fundraisers.

Brook Holton Sheahan
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Alexis M. Ring
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Brook Holton Sheahan, Principal Alexis M. Ring, Principal